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Baby Product Reviews

March 1, 2013

ExerSaucer, Dr. Smith's, Kolcraft, and Happy Family

By: Jen Schorr
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Purest Memories Photography By: Rachel
Happy Family, Dr. Smith's, and ExerSaucer gratiously let us review (and giveaway) some of their products.  Many members of the community were able to stop by our Baby Brunch Bonanza last weekend to try out and sample these products for themselves, too.  Here are our reviews of some of these products:

ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Life in the Amazon and ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ Jungle Quest:
These were both big hits with the kids at the Baby Brunch Bonanza.  They liked that there were many different activities on both of them to play with, and many of the little ones liked being able to bounce in the ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ Jungle Quest.  Parents seemed to like both of them, but if forced to pick one, they liked the ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Life in the Amazon better because of the capability of it growing with their child, therefore, being able to be used longer.  I think that both ExerSaucers have great features such as the Take With Me Toys that can be taken off to play with other places or for easy cleaning, and I also liked the fun songs and sounds that they toys make when your child plays with them.  We were very happy to donate the ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ Jungle Quest  to the Friedens Lutheran Church where we held the Baby Brunch Bonanza, as our way of saying thank you for allowing us to have our event there.  The ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Life in the Amazon was raffled off to one of our Baby Brunch guests, who was very happy with her prize.   




We were able to provide samples of the Happy Yogis, Happy Tot Pouches, Happy Munchies, and Happy Melts in a variety of flavors.  Happy Family also provided us with allergy charts and a sign up sheet for their e-newsletter, coupons, and more.  We had many "happy families" after this demonstration.  The parents liked that the Happy Family foods were all organic, and they equally liked that the allergy information was posted.  We had a few parents tell us about food allergies that their children have and were happy to be able to let their children try these samples without any fear.  I, personally, was impressed with the variety of flavor combinations.  Fruits and vegetables that I would never think to pair together seemed to make delicious snacks for the kids.  My son is 3, so he is mostly out of the age range for the Happy Family Products, however, he was able to sample one of the Happy Tot Pouches, and he loved it.  I loved it, too, because it's virtually mess free!  We are planning a vacation this summer where we will be renting an RV, and I will definitely be buying some of the Happy Tot Pouches for the trip.


Dr. Smith's:

No, we did not make the parents bring sore-bottomed kids to our Baby Brunch Bonanza, however, we did let the parents sample the Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment by applying it to their hand with a q-tip.  They were able to feel how it is non-greasy and goes on smoothly, and they saw how it would form a barrier on the baby's skin to stop moisture from getting to the irritated area, allowing it to heal.  Many of the parents were thrilled to get full-size samples in their goodie bags, too!  I have never used Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment to treat diaper rash, however, I have been told that it is not only good for babies, but also for elderly or those who are bed-ridden with sores.  Dr. Smith's is also going to be making an announcement in the near future, and Macaroni Kid will be among the first to know, so stay tuned to our newsletters to hear what's new from Dr. Smith's!


Kolcraft Sealy Nature Couture Healthy Grow 2-stage Infant-Toddler Crib Mattress:

I was very impressed with this crib mattress, mainly because it really felt supportive, and then I read about the Crypton Super Fabric that is used.  It's stain resistant, water resistant, has allergen barrier technology, and it's GreenGuard certified.  All this, plus it has an organic cotton cover!  I could actually take a bottle of water and pour it directly on the mattress, and it beaded and ran off completely - no soaking in at all!  This was another item that we were able to raffle off at the Baby Brunch Bonanza.  Parents at the Baby Brunch seemed to feel to know it was well-made because they could feel the sturdiness.  If I had to purchase a crib or toddler mattress, this would be the one I would want to get.


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