8 Types of Cheeses & How to Best Eat Them

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By Jennifer Schorr, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Reading January 24, 2019's Gouda! (Like that play on words there?) There are SO many varieties of delicious cheese, but how do you know which are good for melting, crumbling or grating? With our handy guide, you'll never be led astray again!

Type of CheeseHow it TastesSuggestions for Eating it
AsiagoSharp & fruityServe with dried fruit
CamembertRich with a mild, mushroomy aromaBreaded & deep fried
FetaTangyCrumbled on salad
GoudaDeep & flavorfulGrated on casseroles
GruyereCreamy & sweet with earthy tintsPaired with french onion soup
Monterey JackButtery & tangyMelt it to use as a dip
MozzarellaMild & creamyIn a sandwich with tomatoes
RoquefortSharp, sweet & nutty flavorWith nuts & honey

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